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I originally created this program as one of many countdown timers that lead to various events like, ChristmasHalloween, or next year.  Unlike all those others, this one is actually important!  Because, make no mistake about it, election day is tremendously important!  The original versions of this page got rather long and I decided it was time to clean the slate and start over.  But you can still read them if you'd like, because I've archived them.  I don't like to delete things

Update:  2024-05-22
A couple of interesting things happened over the past couple of weeks that I thought necessary to address.  And in this case, I'm not going to pick on the Conservatives.  I'm going to call out the liberals - my people - for making a couple of pretty serious missteps.

Situation number one deals with a confrontation between Rep Margie Taylor Greene and Rep Jasmine Crocket.  During a hearing of the House Oversight committee, MGT made a racist comment concerning the physical appearance of Jasmine Crocket.  This immediately was met with the proceedings shutting down while the entire committee tripped over themselves so censure or otherwise punish Greene.  Then Jasmine came back with a line of her own, when she proclaimed that MGT has a "bleach blonde, bad built, butch body."

While that was a hysterical comeback, and it certainly was, it was a misstep on her part.  She lowered herself to MGTs childish level when she did that.  And in doing so, gave MGT some points.

Where I object to the liberal response to this, is when social media lights up with joy at her comeback as if it was the greatest thing to ever happen in Congress.  That is not okay.  The liberals are supposed to be better than that.  Don't applaud the childish response.  She should have just sat back and watched MGT get punished.  Instead, she gave the power back.

Part two

This deals with the numbnuts kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs.  He gave a ridiculous misogynistic, homophobic commencement speech at an ultra-conservative college.  The response was basically what you would expect.  The liberal, free thinking, non women-hating, non-homophobic part of the country immediately called him out for being a jerk.  And rightfully so.

Where I object to the rest of the response was when people started petitioning the NFL to fire him.

That is NOT ok.

Dear liberals of the world...  You can object to his views and his values.  You should, because they suck.  You can object to his speech, and the fact that he actually said all that shit out loud.  And you should.  Because it was f'd up.  He is a shitty person.  He is a selfish, stupid, closed minded jerk.  All those people that gave him a standing ovation at the speech are equally messed up.

But if you believe in freedom of speech, and we all do, you cannot start calling for his firing.  If the Chiefs or the NFL decide to do that, that is their prerogative.  It is their choice.  But it is not up to anyone on the outside to start demanding it.


Update:  2024-05-14
So today in the courtroom drama that is the life of Drumpf, a bunch of his political allies showed up.  Did they do this to intimidate the court?  Did they do this to send a message?

Yeah, I don't think so.  I think that by showing up at his court case to support him, they are throwing themselves in with him.

It is not a demonstration that makes him look innocent.  It is a demonstration that they don't give a shit about his criminality, and this should just end with no consequences.  They are there to show, in force, that the law doesn't apply to Drumpf.  And here is the important part - OR THEM.

Every last one of those farkers that showed up there today has a pile of skeletons in their closet too.  And if they ever lose their grip on their power, those skeletons are coming out dancing.

What does all of this say about the normal people that still support Drumpf?  Well, basically the same thing.  They don't care that he's a criminal scumbag.  They think that whatever he has done was justified, or it's just not important.

Allow me to restate what it is that he is really on trial for here.  The case is about the felony level business accounting fraud.  But the reasons for it were that he was catching and killing stories that he knew would sway the election out of his favor.  That is Federal Election Interference.  Since the DOJ has no interest in doing anything about it, all we can do is hope that the states can remind everyone what this is really about.


Update:  2024-05-08
Drumpf is currently in court all day every day.  The case that is currently going on is the fraudulent business documentation that he committed while trying to hide his affair with the porn chick.

But that's not what I want to talk about today.  I want to talk about the 11k documents that he had hidden in his bathroom, then moved, then hid in a different place, then lied about still having, and a long list of other things that, if it were any other person, he would already have been locked up. 


We have already seen people like Reality Winner get locked up over a SINGLE document.  She stayed locked up during her trial.  Then she went to jail proper for a while.  For ONE document.  Then there was that idiot military kid that showed off some documents on Discord.  He's been in jail since the start of it.

But not Drumpf.  Nope.  He's so far above the law that, for some reason, they can't even say for sure that he wasn't allowed to have them, even though he OBVIOUSLY and CLEARLY was not allowed to have them, hid them from the FBI, lied about it, MOVED them, showed them off to people that had no clearance, and even had his lawyers lie about it.


Nope.  Still not enough.

We need to be perfectly clear about what happened here.  Drumpf was leaving the White House.  He was no longer President.  He was NOT ALLOWED to take these documents with him.  And as you can see, there were plenty of documents.  They were not his personal property.  They belonged to the National Archives.  

The FBI went to his house in Florida and asked for the documents.  He said he didn't have any.  So they tried again.  He said, "ok fine.", and turned over some of them.  So the FBI went BACK and said, "where are the rest?"  He then hid them, put them on a plane and flew them to NJ.  Then he moved them back to Florida.  He insisted to his lawyers that there were no more - which his lawyers then told the FBI.

In the end, the FBI finally had to forcibly confiscate the documents.

This all happened.  We all saw it happen.  None of this is in dispute.  Unless you count all the nonsense Drumpf keeps saying like, "He was allowed to have them."  No, he wasn't.  "They were personal."  No.  They weren't.  "He was President."  Yeah.  WAS.  Not at the time this took place.  "They were secured."  No they weren't..  Look at the pictures.  "The FBI planted them".  No.  They totally did NOT do that.

So really...  What the hell is going on here?
First and foremost, the government and the DOJ do NOT want to prosecute this case.  They are going to delay this until he dies or is incarcerated for something else.  Preferably death.  The reason for this, as near as I can tell, seems to be that they are worried about the precedent of how government officials can handle classified documents.  And I mean ALL of them.  Not just the President.  We've already seen that people who are Senators can sometimes stow away classified documents in their garage in Delaware.  In short, they will be under scrutiny themselves if they allow this to move forward.

Does that scream of corruption and stupidity?  Yes.  Yes it does.  But that's our government for you.

There seems to be an unlimited list of reasons for the judge to delay this.  Each time a question is asked, each one of those points is going to be scrutinized right down to the spelling and context of every single word in each sentence.  And then there will be interpretations to those things.  When you have unlimited money (or aren't even having to pay for it), these delays can go on indefinitely.  And that is precisely what the plan seems to be.

The government does not want this case prosecuted.  If they did, they would have found the rest of the documents, in NJ for instance, and found a Federal court THERE in which to try the case.  Instead, they went to a courthouse on the other side of Florida from where this occurred, and found a judge "at random" that would be perfect for this case.  And by "perfect", I mean, one who will delay it forever and make it look like it was unavoidable.

Right now we are watching this play out as follows...  An obviously biased and conflicted judge, who was appointed by Drumpf, got assigned to the case.  That person has shown herself to be completely inept, and completely unwilling to move this case forward.  And that, make no mistake, is completely by design.

I hope you are all enjoying the theater.  Because that's all this is.  If there is one thing Drumpf will NEVER be charged with, it's all this stuff with those documents.  He will be long dead before that trial gets started.

When people say that our government is corrupt, I hope you realize by now, that it is situations like THIS one that make them say that.  Because it is our government that is protecting him.  Because their own self-interests are more important than the actual law.  At least as far as this one goes.

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