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I originally created this program as one of many countdown timers that lead to various events like, ChristmasHalloween, or next year.  Unlike all those others, this one is actually important!  Because, make no mistake about it, election day is tremendously important!

Our very Democracy it as risk right now.  We have one party in our government that is actively working to dismantle our Democracy. The only recourse we have for any of it is to start voting the right people in.

Generally speaking, I do not like to let politics enter into my business.  But in this case it's unavoidable.

I will state my bias right here and now.  Vote Democrat in the midterms.  If you don't like how things in this government are going right now, voting in more Republicans is NOT the way to fix it.

Keep an eye on this page.  Because as more developments about how messed up our government currently is arrise, I will post my thoughts on it here.


Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

New News:
The former President just had his house in Florida searched by the FBI.  No matter what the Republicans keep saying about this, it was not politically motivated.  The FBI director AND the judge that signed off on the warrant were both appointed by Mr Drumpf.  Also, we KNOW that he had a bunch of documents in his house that were taken from The White House.  This is not in dispute.  That alone is a felony.  In fact, Drumpf himself signed that law. 

He was told to return the boxes.  He returned some, and refused to return the rest.  I'm not going to retell the whole story.  Here is a convient timeline provided by CNN.  In short, because he refused to return the rest of the documents, the FBI obtained a warrant to go and collect them.

It was not a "raid".  It was a search warrant.  Drumpf and the Secret Service were told hours in advance that it would be happening.  And a copy of the warrant, including a list of what they were looking for and what they took was provided to Drumpf.  Curious that he hasn't released that.

Look...  Here's the thing.  It is more obvious now than ever before that not only is Drumpf a straight up criminal, the entire Republican party is STILL defending him.  Still running interference.  Still trying to push a message that this is somehow politically motivated.  And they are saying that what the FBI is doing is "an attack on Democratic norms", and "Banana Republic" behavior.  They say this without realizing the irony that they are describing THEIR own behavior while defending this criminal.

To be clear - covering your party's illegal behavior and corruption is "Banana Republic" behavior.  Attacking the Capitol to overturn an election that you didn't agree with is "an attack on Democratic norms."  And ALL of that is "politically motivated."


If you intend to vote for Republicans, you are voting for more of this crap.


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