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I originally created this program as one of many countdown timers that lead to various events like, ChristmasHalloween, or next year.  Unlike all those others, this one is actually important!  Because, make no mistake about it, election day is tremendously important!  The original version of this page got rather long and I decided it was time to clean the slate and start over.  But you can still read it if you'd like, because it's archived here.

So ok, the 2022 midterm elections are over.  Some races went the good way.  Some went about as bad as we expected.  All I can say is, thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that it wasn't worse.

Here is a short list of what needs to be fixed if we don't want a disaster further down the line:

  • The Democrats need to run better candidates.
  • The Democrats need better messaging,
  • The entire country needs better information and less misinformation.
  • The entire country needs better education.

If we don't fix those problems somehow, this sort of thing will continue.  And sometimes it seems to me that the government as it is, is content to not do these things, which is why after every election we say these things and nothing ever changes.

Well, anyway...  As I said in the last version of this page...  Check back here from time to time.  I more or less use this page as a blog of sorts.  So when I have something election related to say, I will say it here.  And I'm sure that as the days go by, final results from the election will come in, and at that point I will surely have more things to say.

Update:  2022-11-17:  Those results came in

It seems that the Republicans did what everyone expected.  They won the House.

These next 2 years are going to suck SO bad.  I am already doing whatever I can to avoid any news about the House.  And I mean any.  Because it just makes me angry as fark that this country is so pants-on-head stupid that they voted for this shit.  How much bullshit do you need to see from those people before you finally say, "Hey, maybe they really don't have my best interests in mind."?

I wrote about this in my Fake News Site a few weeks ago.  Essentially that the entire GOP platform is to vote as they are told and spend countless months investing shit that means nothing, just out of spite, and spending the remaining time posting on social media about how bad Democrats suck.

All I can say is that I hope they waste so much time chasing ghosts that they don't have time to pass any legislation that will REALLY fark people over.

In any case, I'm starting to treat the news the way I do Facebook.  I'm not looking at it.  If I see that the word House or Republican is in the headline, I will just keep on scrolling.


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