Countdown to Election Day

I originally created this program as one of many countdown timers that lead to various events like, ChristmasHalloween, or next year.  Unlike all those others, this one is actually important!  Because, make no mistake about it, election day is tremendously important!  The original versions of this page got rather long and I decided it was time to clean the slate and start over.  But you can still read them if you'd like, because I've archived them.  I don't like to delete things


Update:  2023-06-12

As I predicted, if not here, more indictments have come down.  Drumpf, of course, is still running for President.  Because laughably, he still thinks he has a chance.  I'm sorry, but I don't think we have ever been saddled with a more delusional nut case running for any office than this dumpster fire of a human.

Even without the indictments, he didn't have a chance.  People in this country HATE that dude's guts.  They told him that in 2020.  They've been telling him ever since.  Seriously...  He has become a bit of a comical parody of himself, and it continues every time he opens his mouth.

And now, we have 37 indictments.  That is not a typo.  37 felony Federal indictments.  All stemming from the piles of boxes that he stole from the White House on his way out, and refused to return.

Rather than write all about this here, I wrote a follow-up article to the one I just linked up there.  I'm only posting this note here now because, as election news, the fact that the Republican front-runner is under criminal Federal indictment, is pretty big news.  And as such, it has a place here.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. And that is the day he will be turning himself in for arrest, in Miami Florida.  I'm still holding out some hope that they will deny him bail.  That would be glorious, fitting, and would be the first sign that the government is taking this seriously.  Sure his supporters will cry about it. 

 Boo hoo. 

The dude is a flight risk.  And he is also a danger to this country.  Don't believe that?  Well, his supporters are planning on showing up in Miami, armed, with the intent to cause violence.  Or so they say.  It is my view that they are a bunch of crybabies, and will do no such thing.  But still.  Hold him without bail.  Please.  Cut off all communication to his cult following.


Update:  2023-04-12

Earlier today, I saw yet another article about how Drumpf is running for election again and what his chances are.  And it got me thinking...  Why on Earth are we even entertaining this?

The man has a 34 count indictment against him now. If you are unaware, they are all felonies, because those crimes were used to conceal another crime.  That being election fraud.

Also, there is the pesky bit about the events on Jan6th.  That alone, according to the 14th amendment should disqualify him.  And in fact, it does.  But since no one is enforcing the rules against him, it seem that isn't going to happen right now.  And that bit with the 11k documents.  That might be another problem for him.  Well, that and him being a horrible sack of shit in an ill fitting suit.  But I digress...  On to the point.  

I really do not know what's going to happen here, but here is my reasonable prediction.  We'll have to see how well this paints out.  I'm writing this into this blog so that we can revisit it later and see how well this ages.

Here is my prediction:
The GOP has no candidate that can beat Biden.  They have no candidate that can beat any Democrat, no matter who it is.  Because in order to win, they need to be unified.  The GOP is split at something like 35% Drumpf, and 55% anyone else.  The remaining 10% will vote GOP no matter what.  In the end, they will not be able to agree on a candidate.  And to make matters worse, Drumpf is likely not going to even make it to the primary, let alone the election.

He may drop dead.  He may be forced to back out.  He may be under arrest.  He may be too busy in court.  There is a slim, but non-zero chance that he will be in jail.  In any case, once Drumpf is gone, then what?

Christie?  DeSantis?  Rand Paul?  Tucker Carlson?  Ted Cruz?  Marco Rubio?  Really...  Who have they got?  Is there one single person that they can rally behind?

I think not.  So my prediction is that the Dems have the 2024 Presidential election locked up.

Let us all pray that I am correct.


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